Stone Cold Dead Serious a play by Adam Rapp.
Directed by Lee Gundersheimer at the Harold Clurman Theater - Theater Row, 42nd Street, New York City, February 2007. Machinima fights by Jean-Marc Gauthier. Documentation used for this project: The animations used in this project were obtained from and created with funding from NSF EIA-0196217.

Lee wanted to recreate the machinima fights that take place in Act 2, scene 2. In the play, Wynn and Sharice come to New York City for the Tang Dynasty computer game championships. They fight now for the title... Wynn and Sharice that you can see on stage are the main virtual actors playing inside a video game projected on a screen above the set. Virtual Sharice and virtual Wynn fight inside the video game in between fight sequences with real actors on stage. The following notes illustrate the making of the interactive fights with an interactive demo of the fights created for the play.

Play the online demo of the interactive fight. Click on the image on the right. This demo is Mac and Pc. Please allow your web browser to display the ActiveX plugin if requested.

Script of the machinima fight in pdf format about the making of the machinima fight


Pictures gallery about the making of the machinima fight


Fight Wynn against Zhang.

Wynn's entrance.

Fight Sharice against Zhang

The end of Sharice